Precis Homework

Now that we have read and discussed Is Facebook Making Us Antisocial? You will add to your annotations as necessary and then begin constructing a precis based on the information found here. Before you begin writing your precis, be sure that you have all the information required and keep in mind that you will have to re-work ideas and wording in order to fit the prescribed template - that is okay!

Once you have finished your precis, please submit it electronically, and we will review and discuss in class on Tuesday.

Agenda for the Week

Monday: Rest up and enjoy the long weekend!

Tuesday: Discuss practice précis / Mini lesson: What makes a source credible? (RAVEN-C)
HW due Thursday: Write a précis over WSJ culture article

Wednesday: Continue RAVEN-C w/ focus on context using Tupac / Group work: Pick a theme and apply to the 8 lenses
HW due Friday: One-slide presentation

Thursday: Discuss the perspectives, claims, evidence, credibility found in Does Language… / Presentation practice
HW due Monday: Find an article from assigned lens on group theme

Friday: One slide presentations (videotaped, 2-3 min/person)
HW: Presentation reflection